Office Space

Partially Furnished Space

Talaythong Tower offers partially furnished office spaces equipped with fundamental features including aluminum and glass walls, rubber tile floors, direct telephone lines and a reflex lighting system with electrical outlets.

Available Space

Talaythong Tower provides a wide range space of varying sizes across 22 different floors that are currently available to create your ideal office suites.

Level : 9th floor

9 th floor
Size (Square meter) :


Level : 10th floor

10 th floor
Size (Square meter) :


Level : 11th floor

11 th floor
Size (Square meter) :

48 - 96

Level : 14th floor

14 th floor
Size (Square meter) :

96 - 195.6

Level : 19th floor

19 th floor
Size (Square meter) :

96 - 195.6

Level : 21st floor

21 st floor
Size (Square meter) :

96 - 195.6

Level : 22nd floor

22 nd floor
Size (Square meter) :

96 - 195.6

Service Function

Several service functions are readily provided for your business requirements on each floor. These functions incorporate highly efficient telecommunication networks supporting direct telephone lines, ISDN, a lead line, ADSL, broadband, fiber optic internet connection, a central chilled water supply, air conditioning system, a pantry, a shaft, and hygienic systems including ample lavatories and cleaning services in common areas. An effective fire protection system comprising alarm monitoring systems, smoke and heat detectors, sprinkler heads, fire alarm push and pull stations and fire hose cabinets installed with portable fire extinguishers are provided in all office premises to ensure the protection and safety for all occupants and properties.


Talaythong Tower offers flexible tenancy options to meet tenants’ various demands on premise sizes. More than 50 outstanding tenants have already established their business offices in the Tower. The following are some of Talaythong Tower’s current tenants.

Tenant's office

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